The importance of clothing

The way you dress, gives people an immediate impression of who you are. Survey’s have proved that well-dressed people are thought to be more qualified, more intelligent and more likeable than those who are not. Your appearance can also be the expression of a specific image you want to convey. The right clothes can project an artistic, provocative, authoritative, or demure image; the wrong clothes may indicate neglect, carelessness, or an unawareness of what is appropriate for a certain location, for example you would not wear a printed t shirt to court. Look through your wardrobe and decide whether or not your clothes reflect the image you want to project. Do they suit your way of life? Do they bring out your most flattering self? If the answer is no, don’t panic! You needn’t change your entire wardrobe. Careful planning can result in a wardrobe full of clothes that are functional, versatile and lasting, without resulting in an empty purse. The first and easiest method to create a wardrobe that is both effective and efficient, is to choose three colours that go together well. Choose a three colour combination and select individual articles of clothing in these colours only. Of course, if you prefer, add a fourth colour that goes well with the rest. However it is not practical to have more than four colours in your wardrobe unless many items are in the neutral shades. Another way to build an effective wardrobe is to start with a neutral colour, then add two or three other colours that work well together. For example, taupe works well with purple or black; grey with burgundy and navy. Wardrobe consultants choose one medium-to-dark colour and use this for the nucleus or core of a client’s wardrobe in items like coats, jackets and trousers. These clothes are more versatile in solid colours rather than prints. Other shades, accent colours, are added to smaller items such as sweaters, blouses and scarves. The next step is coordinating separates. Treat each article of clothing as a separate unit. When you buy a suit, consider it as two separate pieces of clothing, a skirt and jacket, each of which can be worn with other items. Therefore the jacket can serve as a blazer worn with your other skirts and trousers or over a dress. Choose simple, classic styles with a minimum of detail, as they can be easily interchanged with your other separates. The third step to a successful wardrobe is choosing clothes for their versatility. By clothing that can be worn for several occasions. For example, a shirt waist dress combined with a blazer can be worn during the day. For evening, try the same dress without the blazer, open the neck to reveal a lacy camisole top and wear high-heeled shoes and dressy jewellery. A suit is very dependable, as it can be worn for many occasions. Light coloured suits require a darker blouse for business wear; a light coloured blouse looks elegant. The dark suit (navy or black) looks more serious and authoritative than a light one, and is more flexible, as it can be worn for both day and evening. For work, choose a classic white shirt; for evening or theatre, a silk shirt, pearl necklaces and other dressy jewellery.


About crisptshirts

Welcome to Crisp T-shirt Printing We might be called Crisp t-shirt Printing, but we actually print and supply most types of garment, including polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sportswear, fleeces and jackets We do three different types of printing i.e. DTG, Transfer and Screen printing. We can also take care of all your embroidery needs.
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